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We offer the excitement of art and storytelling that bring a new context to your business, advertisements and guided interactions with customers.

About the art and writing

I'm an artist/cartoonist/animator with a graduate degree in Community Psychology. Some of my work can be seen at and prints from My latest venture is retelling the historic adventure of Pirates in Lynn Ma. for use with guided tours, a non-profit business I will gift  to the Lynn Museum. The NEH has expressed funding interest. For this venture I’m posting each chapter of the graphic novel (long format comic book)and podcasts at 

People who were in New England in the 80s remember my name from when I served as Executive Director of Fenway Health Center during the early AIDS epidemic, building a tiny STD clinic into a multi-million dollar health center at the heart of New England’s response to the epidemic. Still serving on the Board of Visitors today, Fenway is Boston’s largest health center. On the North Shore others know me as principal founder of Help for Abused Women and Children, still serving 27 cities over 40 years. I had a long and successful career building programs and organizations in health, human services and education, bringing in $300+ million from competitive bid grant awards for small non-profits with my writing and program concepts. 

I was honored to work with the late, great Senator Kennedy to shape federal Ryan White CARE Act legislation. I am humbled to have developed programs and organizations nationally that still have a profound impact on the lives of many children and people of many kinds, races and abilities. 

People at WGBH taught me about making television and my company produced The Big Dig series in the 90s. That experience helped me to produce one award winning documentary on domestic violence, SISTERS MOTHERS DAUGHTERS which can be found at In 1996 I served as the Project Director for The Big Dig Initiative, a Corporation for Public Broadcasting sponsored experiment to narrowcast the first video on the Internet. My company went on to produce online video tours of New England and develop the earliest basic video editing system on the net to send video souvenir post cards home.

I grew up very poor in an immigrant family in three rooms in one of the wealthiest places in the country. I was fortunate to attend Bernards High (public) with stage buddy Meryl Streep where I found my love of painting through set designs for our musical productions.  I worked my way through Goddard College in the late 60s, twice by the early 70s for my graduate degree. I was still painting sets and added building to my skills through Goddard by building the Design Center on the campus with four students and two architect/builders. 

I am grateful every day for having the opportunity to use my writing and vision to make a difference in the lives of many people and to help others. I still enjoy writing, painting and building. I love my family, my dog, my old and new friends, my old and new neighbors, my home on the lake in Lynn, MA. I adore my new place in Sarasota where I’m a volunteer on the Sarasota Police Department.